Divide the screen of your PC into four different monitors



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Spectacular Application is a tool that lets you display the contents of a computer screen on up to four separate monitors, and you may do this without having to perform any complex installation of wiring and video settings.

The only essential requirement to enjoy this program is that both computers are connected to the same local area network.

The window you choose to move outside the boundaries of the first monitor magically appear in the second. And so will the rest.

When you download MaxiVista you will get two executable files. The first is called MaxiVista PrimaryPC Setup,and you must install it on the computer that will be source of the image. The second is called MaxiVista SecondaryPC Setup, and this one may be set up on any other computer that will show the image of the first computer.

MaxiVista will try to locate in your local network the computers that you have set as the destination of the image. Beware the firewall, because it can prevent it from working.

On the webpage of the people who created this program, you may find an instalation guide. Here is the address: aquí.

Manufacturer's web access the full installation guide that you can view by clicking here.

Trial Version has a limit of 50 used or 14 days in which it will show the program's window in each remote computer.

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